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విజయా వారి మిస్సమ్మ - Missamma Old (Watch Online)

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అవునంటే కాదనిలే కాదంటే అవుననిలే
ఆడువారి మాటలకూ అర్ధాలే వేరులే

Songs in this movie are :
1. ఆడువారి మాటలకూ అర్ధాలె వేరులె
2. శ్రీ జానకీ దేవి
3. బ్రిందావనమది అందరిది గొవిందుడందరి వడే
4. రావోయి చందమామా మా వింత గాధ వినుమా
5. బాలనురా మదనా
6. ధర్మం చెయ్ బాబు
7. ఈ నవనవాభ్యుదయ
8. కరుణించు మేరిమాత
9. రాగ సుధా రసా
10. తెలుసుకొనవె చెల్లి
11. తెలుసుకొనవె యువతి
12. ఏమిటో ఈ మాయా
13. సీతా రాం సీతా రాంMissamma (మిస్సమ్మ) is a classic Telugu movie, released in the year 1955. This is a beautifully made comedy which never seems to lose its charm. This hugely successful movie features NTR and ANR, two of the greatest actors ever in Indian cinema.

Missamma is the name of the leading lady of the film. Savitri played the title role of Missamma to perfection in the film. The film catapulted her into fame and she never looked back from then on. Missamma is the movie adaptation of Yotish Banerjee's classic Bengali comedy Manmoyee Girls School.

The dialogues and song lyrics penned by the master craftsman Pingali Nagendra Rao are some of the best ever written for Telugu cinema. Pingali's lyrics combined with the legendary voices of A M Raja, P Leela and P.Suseela - the result can only be one thing: a masterpiece. The songs remain extremely popular to this day, casting a magical spell over the listeners. Live wire Performances by Savithri,NTR and ANR make this movie a thorough entertainer. This film is one of the few super hit classic films in telugu which were made without songs sung by legendary Ghantasala. The other such films include Vipranarayana, Pelli Kanuka.

i.This film has been made in Tamil with again Savitri in the lead role.This movie was titled Missiamma (மிஸ்ஸம்மா)

ii.The film has been made in Hindi too with Meena Kumari in the lead role as "miss mary".

Source - Wikipedia