Welcome (సుస్వాగతం)



The Supreme Being was described by saints as 'Satyam-Sivam-Sundaram'. "Satyam" which is True & Existent - "Sivam" which is benevolent & Magnanimous - "Sundaram" which is Blissful & Beautiful. It is also defined as Sat-Chit-Ananda which means that The Absolute Being is the unbound happiness (Ananda) you get from knowing (Chittha) the real and everlasting truth (Sathya), The God.

Sathyam is the feet, Sivam is the trunk and Sundaram the head. On Sathyam (Truth) we should stand, as Sivam (Benevolent) we should be and should have a thought that is Sundaram (Beautiful and Delightful). Hope this blog will at least on a few occasions prompts you to be truthful, benevolent and to have a beautiful mind.

I welcome you all. I expect most of the visitors to this blog would be able to understand English and hence I would write this introduction in English. Other languages that might be seen in my blog are Telugu(తెలుగు) and Hindi (हिन्दी).

I wrote this introduction about an year after I started this blog. B'coz I thought there should at least one post which welcomes and introduces you all to the blog.

This blog, though primarily started as an exploratory venture, later it became a passion, then an addiction, then a compulsion, then an asset and an object of self-complacency. After all said and done, what so ever I feel about my blog, I do get visitors searching for something they want, which they get to have it in my blog.

Basically, what all my blog has, are the things I have a personal passion for. I feel any Indian (or a Telugu fellow) would have more or less similar kind of likes and dislikes that I have. Anyway, I hope this blog would help you all in some way or the other and would inspire you all to be responsible citizens.