Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Contemplated the ideal
Pursued for the apt
Hurled into despair
and desolation sprung over

As desolate as I can be
Forlorn for I am vetoed
the fortune of approval

Pangs of chastity held me off
till dread for wreckage of my dream
left me in anguish and torment

Sole solicit for a divine prospect
had a crooked ramble
raking up austere bedlam

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Serving Humanity is Serving God

Deep in the heartland of India, a medley of 'social outcasts' - people with leprosy and other disabilities, orphan, deaf, and blind children, tribal people, and rural school drop-outs, have created an alternate universe where everyone is respected and valued. Come with us on a virtual journey to Maharogi Sewa Samiti to bear witness to this fascinating story.

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We used to go for a lot of medical service camps through our National Service Scheme to the tribal areas around Visakhapatnam. Some days we even used to walk for few kilometers due to lack of public transport facilities or due to lack of proper roads to those places. Not just plain walking, We used to carry free samples and other donated medicines on our heads in the scorching sun all the way from the nearest bus stand to the village. After reaching the village, the villagers already knew that people from the city have arrived and start flocking around us. We diagnosed and treated them for free. This is one of my many experiences I had during my formative years in medicine. I was in my final year of M.B.B.S. when I saw this video on Dr. Prakash Amte. I was inspired to the brim. I wanted to start such life for pure service. My father, though initially he did not want me to settle such way, even as a doctor at my native place, where there are economically challenged people, after experiencing the wrath of the covetous corporate hospital society decided against going to the cities. After his demise, my dream of serving the poor was at stake as I had no resources to do anything unless I am financially sound and stable. I had discussions with my family and friends and decided to come to U.S. to be able to go back some day to pursue my dream. I hope God permits me to be his instrument to serve his people.