Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come Back Home

Come Back Home - घर् लौट् आवॊ - ఇంటికి తరలి రండి

This is entirely my opinion about this video, a nice one by a young business graduate of the US. I can see a very keen and practical outlook of Indian Market he has, as all the students educated in the US. Though it is intended for the American investor of Indian market, I notice an interesting point in here. Apart from the opportunities he saw, he very clearly pointed at the two most burning issues government and pollution. I am not keenly interested in the earlier issue as I am happy to see many young and energetic people taking care of that part. My point of interest here is the increasing demand on public health and medical burden the future of India would face.

In this video, he says India has a brain gain from the silicon valley. I hope we also have a Health care valley to have a brain gain of doctors. I hope the medical colleges there give out good graduates that would serve our country rather than people like me who leave mother land and always "try to" get back and never be there at the time of need.

It is time, India needs help. If we can afford to be part of its infrastructure during its rise, we never see a fall again.