Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Please Participate - STOP TB (Strategy/Action/Partnership)

Hi! I would like to introduce you to a priceless and chaste act of doing something practical. If you have been bored by the ceaseless posts of mine regarding all kinds of altruistic behaviors here is a practical thing anyone of us can contribute to.

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I am a proud to be a member of Stop TB Partnership. Why don't you be?

About the Stop TB Partnership

The Stop TB Partnership was established in 2000 to realize the goal of eliminating TB as a public health problem and, ultimately, to obtain a world free of TB. It comprises a network of international organizations, countries, donors from the public and private sectors, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and individuals that have expressed an interest in working together to achieve this goal.

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A young TB patient is brought by her mother to see Dr Praveen at the MCD Chest Clinic in Patparganj in East Delhi.

In order to achieve our mission and make our vision a reality, the Stop TB Partnership has set the following goals:
  • Promote wider and wiser use of existing strategies to interrupt TB transmission by:
    • increasing access to accurate diagnosis and effective treatments by accelerating DOTS implementation to achieve the global targets for TB control; and
    • increasing the availability, affordability and quality of anti-TB drugs.
  • Derive strategies to address the challenges posed by emerging threats by:
  • Accelerate elimination of TB, by:
    • promoting research and development for new TB drugs, diagnostics and vaccines; and
    • promoting adoption of new and improved tools by ensuring appropriate use, access and affordability.
I take this opportunity to present few other international organizations helping out in this process. I cannot enumerate numerous local organizations striving hard for a healthy India and which are mostly ignored. I repeat a thyagaraja's saying here which is very much contextual.
endarO mahAnubhavulu |

andarIki vandanamulu ||

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Description: Dr Siddiqui (centre), DOTS provider and General Physician outside his clinic in Sahaspur Village.

Credits: � August 2004 Gary Hampton / The Global Fund

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This is for people who are familiar with the health field and especially with MMWR in USA. Did you ever expect an article like this in MMWR? Please go through it by clicking on the picture above and know some facts. Your contribution would be invaluable.

Ever wondered how I got in touch with this organization?? I saw this video first.

Again Rehman was the inspiration. Someone can evoke lots of potential in us making our slumbering souls to erupt.