Friday, August 11, 2006

Raj Kapoor -- The Legend

I found these songs in youtube and was very happy. They were my childhood favorites rediscovered. Ramayya vastaavayya was my all time fav and mud mud ke na dekh too.
Pyar hua ek raar hua is a good song but above two are the ones that I really like. I saw this movie in Bombay at a very young age. Though I understood nothing that time, I still remember these songs and I feel as if I am into childhood again. Enjoy them if you like them too.

Pyar Hua Ek Raar...

Raj Kapoor is many things to many people: producer, director, actor, editor, musician, story- teller, a man of many moods, an acknowledged patriarch of India's film making industry. There will be endless debates about his exact contribution to the art of cinema, but few can deny that he was the greatest entertainer known to Indian films - the great showman.

Mud Mud ke na dekh ...

Shri 420 (Mr. 420 in English) is a 1955 Bollywood film directed and produced by Raj Kapoor. The film centers on Raj, a poor, but educated orphan who comes to Bombay with dreams of success. Kapoor's character is heavily influenced by Charlie chaplain's "little tramp", much like Kapoor's character in his 1951 Awaara.

Ramaya vasta vayya

Mera Naam Joker is the story of Raju, whose father was a considered to be the best circus clown ever. (Raj Kapoor's father- Prithviraj Kapoor was among the earliest Indian film heroes).

Ever since Raju's father died in a trapeze accident during his performance, Raju's mother had always been repulsed by this world of ringmasters, sword-eaters, trapezes and lights. As luck would have it, Raju had a natural affinity towards this world where the "show must go on". The film traces Raju's journey right from his childhood to the day of his last performance.

Woowwww !! This is another song which I like too much from the film AWAARA