Thursday, October 08, 2009

vande mataram - वन्दे मातरं - వందే మాతరం ( In Divx)

"All praises belong to the almighty alone. I dedicate this album to the future generations of India. I wish that this album inspires them to grow up with the wealth of human values and ethics that this country is made of. I wish that the youth of today would wipe out phrases like 'chalta hai' from their vocabularies and find themselves motivated human beings. I wish Bala continues to be as "mad with patriotism" as he is now and "spread this emotion among every youngster in this country".

Vande mataram – two words that became a fiery war cry and electrified the nation towards freedom. A mantra that instills a sense of pride and belonging. Today, a vibrant musical movement that evokes in each one of us a whole new expression of freedom. A concept brought to life by Bharatbala and musically enriched by A.R. RAHMAN.

With 'Vande Mataram', Rahman became the first Indian artiste of popular music to go international when it was released simultaneously in 28 countries across the world under the prestigious Columbia Label of Sony Music on August 15th, 1997 . The album was a mega success and sold over 1.5 million copies in India alone, and did extremely well internationally too, becoming the largest selling Indian non-film album internationally.

I just have one thing to say. This song has brought a big change in my life. It made me a MOTIVATED human being.


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