Monday, July 10, 2006

konte bommala baapu!! konni tharamula sepu!! gunde nuyalanoopu!! oo koonalamma!!

Sri Rama Pattabhishekam drawn by Bapu garu.

Bapu is vivid artist in the sense that whatever he draws or directs would effuse with values our country and culture are made up of. Anything I say would be little as already a lot of great scholar who gave their reviews and appraisals to Bapu - Ramana. A few word I know and I like about him. He is extraordinary in showing the Bhakthi rasa as he himself is full immersed in it regarding Lord Rama. Anyone who saw his movies Ramaanjaneya yuddham, (The name sounds silly but the dialogues and how it all goes is really great.) Andaala raamudu, Muthyamantha muggu, Rambantu and lot more. His recent movies reflect a lot about various values that are changing in the contemporary world but still sticks to the subtle sense of humor mixed with tradition as it was all through his pictures and Ramana garu's writings.

Sri Ramana's books depicting characters like Budugu, rendu jalla seetha, pakkinti pinni gaaru with the added flavor of Bapu's pictures are Awesome. I would say "Aa pusthakam chadavani vaadu, dunna pothai puttun" (Gurajada vaari sahithyam vaadinanduku kshaminchandi).