Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Express Yourself - Excellent Composition

I sometimes really wonder how Mr.Rahman gets such outstanding pieces of music. May be it's the spirit with which he does it. Not every bit would be so miraculous. But, Any piece which had his attention is a master piece.

Bharti Teleservices put up a lot of money and effort into campaigning. Except for few problems with cost :), they offer very good services. Due to the excellent effort they put in media campaign their advertisements are ought to be heart touching like this one. :)

An excellent depiction of emotions both in picture and in music.

1. A women in wedding gown, with tears in eyes - Say Yes
, the Ad said.
I know in such situations, every girl has a lump on her throat as she realizes that all her childhood relations are coming to a halt and she is tying a knot with new relations. So difficult it is to say Yes in such conditions.

2. A riot scene, people charging at each other - Say No
We don’t want riots, hatred, killings; all we aspire for is peace, love, and friendship. Of course when it is bloodshed it has to be NO.

3. Two people sitting at two ends of the sofa - Say Something
Yes unless we break silence, how do we communicate our feelings, our problems, differences, or our agonies? So we must Say Something.

4. A graveyard, a drizzle, a man holding a bunch of flowers in his hand - Say Nothing
At times even silence speaks, when sound fail to communicate, its the silence that says a lot. So Say Nothing.

5. The camera zooms to multiple TV frames, Sachin with a raised bat, acknowledging the ovation from the crowd. - Inspire
Yes its from our daily heroes we take inspirations. By observing our heroes achieve in life, a signal of inspiration is communicated to our brains. Sachin is just an icon symbolizing the mass.

6. Three young girls sitting in a restaurant, whispering to each other and sharing some secret - Conspire
An idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop, and when it’s three, it’s a conspiration in the making. Isn’t it? Even to conspire we need to communicate.

7. In the sea beach bench, a kid whispers to an elderly man - Confess
We can confide only on people we trust the most and we need to communicate in such cases too.

8. A crowd thronging out from the gates of a stadium, with flags and banners, for a cause to - Celebrate
Every victory in life small or big calls for a celebration. We must share, acknowledge and communicate our happiness with our friends and family.

9. A football match, two players pleading to the referee - Negotiate
Yes even when we have to negotiate on matters in life we need to communicate. We need more than one means of communication in such situations.

10. A pair of hands trying to - Speak Up
At times, when language fails, it’s our hands or eyes or even face that speak up. We communicate through them. Our eyes talk, our face reveals and our hands speak.

11. A gathering of mainly kids holding candles in their hands - Speak Out
You don’t always have to fight, shout or scream to make yourself heard. At times a group in silence when move for a unique cause, Speak Out and reveal a lot.

12. A little soul praying with folded hands beside the bed - Be Heard
And finally all that you communicated is being heard, and is being heard by the Almighty, who else can give us all the solutions or is it -

13. AIRTEL - Express Yourself

So little words, simple text with meaningful visualization of the picture, a solemn music communicates the need for communication and conveys very smartly that the media for communication in the age of cellular communication is AIRTEL .