Wednesday, July 26, 2006

10,000th View of My Work - A Slide show of INDIA

I gladly announce that my video uploaded onto google video has been seen by 10,000 people as per statistics given in google videos. Thank you everyone.

Regarding The INDIA slideshow, It was displayed during our India night program in our university.
Just to show that INDIA is not still a slumbering nation. It is filled with energetic powerful capable workforce and youth. It is an attempt to change the minds of Foreigners inflicted by obnoxious portraits of INDIA being created by people (I don’t know who!!) It is also to show our people what we have achieved and what is to be achieved and to imprint strongly in their tender minds that INDIA IS GREAT and WE WOULD MAKE IT GREATER. It is WE who mould OUR country's futute.

I just wanted to tell my feelings that led to the creation of this and also what I strongly feel to do something about it.