Wednesday, July 26, 2006

10,000th View of My Work - A Slide show of INDIA

I gladly announce that my video uploaded onto google video has been seen by 10,000 people as per statistics given in google videos. Thank you everyone.

Regarding The INDIA slideshow, It was displayed during our India night program in our university.
Just to show that INDIA is not still a slumbering nation. It is filled with energetic powerful capable workforce and youth. It is an attempt to change the minds of Foreigners inflicted by obnoxious portraits of INDIA being created by people (I don’t know who!!) It is also to show our people what we have achieved and what is to be achieved and to imprint strongly in their tender minds that INDIA IS GREAT and WE WOULD MAKE IT GREATER. It is WE who mould OUR country's futute.

I just wanted to tell my feelings that led to the creation of this and also what I strongly feel to do something about it.


Monday, July 17, 2006


Life has been busy these days. No time to post this blog.

And the time is getting warmer day by day as I approach my Doosri Kadam Medical licencse exam - 2.

Lots of thoughts to write. But are these blogs for people like me? Can I continue posting here? Keeping all these dreadful thoughts in mind, giving myself a big boost to do it, I continue blogging without slogging.

Will return soon in a day or two. Have a nice time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Express Yourself - An Excellent Compostion

I sometimes wonder how Mr. Rehman composes such outstanding bits of music all the time! How ideas strike him!! Any peice which gets his keen attention would be a master peice. Here is one.

Express yourself

An awkward question. A difficult answer. An embarrassing truth. A flattering lie. A frank yes. A blunt no. A warm hello. A curt goodbye. A sincere sorry. A heartfelt thanks. Make the most of every moment. Leave nothing unsaid. Express Yourself.

Monday, July 10, 2006

konte bommala baapu!! konni tharamula sepu!! gunde nuyalanoopu!! oo koonalamma!!

Sri Rama Pattabhishekam drawn by Bapu garu.

Bapu is vivid artist in the sense that whatever he draws or directs would effuse with values our country and culture are made up of. Anything I say would be little as already a lot of great scholar who gave their reviews and appraisals to Bapu - Ramana. A few word I know and I like about him. He is extraordinary in showing the Bhakthi rasa as he himself is full immersed in it regarding Lord Rama. Anyone who saw his movies Ramaanjaneya yuddham, (The name sounds silly but the dialogues and how it all goes is really great.) Andaala raamudu, Muthyamantha muggu, Rambantu and lot more. His recent movies reflect a lot about various values that are changing in the contemporary world but still sticks to the subtle sense of humor mixed with tradition as it was all through his pictures and Ramana garu's writings.

Sri Ramana's books depicting characters like Budugu, rendu jalla seetha, pakkinti pinni gaaru with the added flavor of Bapu's pictures are Awesome. I would say "Aa pusthakam chadavani vaadu, dunna pothai puttun" (Gurajada vaari sahithyam vaadinanduku kshaminchandi).

Friday, July 07, 2006

Reassurance!!?? Minatory!!??

Mr. Hernandez, should have had a great sleep after that. :)

Reassure to its aptitude.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Achievement Stop TB - Global Tuberculosis Epidemic Levelling Off - WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has claimed that the global tuberculosis (TB) epidemic has levelled off for the first time since it declared TB a public health emergency in 1993.

The Global Tuberculosis Control Report released today, two days before the world TB day, says that the percentage of the world's population struck by TB peaked in 2004 but has held steady in 2005.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described the development as a culmination of the sustained efforts by the WHO and said that almost 60 per cent of TB cases worldwide were now detected. A vast majority of them were also cured, he said, thanks to the active co-operation of governments and other partners in the project to stop TB.

But for all his brave words the Millennium Development Goal of achieving a decrease in the number of tuberculosis cases per year by 2015 will still remain a distant dream, it looks like.

Such are the odds facing the authorities everywhere. Ban Ki-moon himself concedes the disease still killed 4400 people every day. Also in absolute numbers the number of TB cases continues to rise, even if slowly. And that is because the world population is expanding, says the report.

But WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan has pointed to the problem of uneven access to diagnosis and treatment within countries. “All people, no matter who they are or where they live, should have access to TB diagnosis and treatment as part of a package of general health services,” he stresses.

In most countries with a high burden of TB, efforts to fight TB are impeded by inadequate laboratory facilities and critical shortages of health staff.

But easily the biggest problem is posed by the HIV epidemic. TB is a major cause of death among people living with HIV/AIDS. HIV is the main reason for failure to meet TB control targets in high HIV settings, the report notes.

Read More

Related Links - an exhaustive medical portal from India that provides you with valuable & authentic health information. The source of information comes from leading doctors.

All Rights

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Please Participate - STOP TB (Strategy/Action/Partnership)

Hi! I would like to introduce you to a priceless and chaste act of doing something practical. If you have been bored by the ceaseless posts of mine regarding all kinds of altruistic behaviors here is a practical thing anyone of us can contribute to.

Each Picture is a link. Click them and Read along...

Click on this image for the video on STOP TB PARTNERSHIP.
I am a proud to be a member of Stop TB Partnership. Why don't you be?

About the Stop TB Partnership

The Stop TB Partnership was established in 2000 to realize the goal of eliminating TB as a public health problem and, ultimately, to obtain a world free of TB. It comprises a network of international organizations, countries, donors from the public and private sectors, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and individuals that have expressed an interest in working together to achieve this goal.

Click on the pic for a video
A young TB patient is brought by her mother to see Dr Praveen at the MCD Chest Clinic in Patparganj in East Delhi.

In order to achieve our mission and make our vision a reality, the Stop TB Partnership has set the following goals:
  • Promote wider and wiser use of existing strategies to interrupt TB transmission by:
    • increasing access to accurate diagnosis and effective treatments by accelerating DOTS implementation to achieve the global targets for TB control; and
    • increasing the availability, affordability and quality of anti-TB drugs.
  • Derive strategies to address the challenges posed by emerging threats by:
  • Accelerate elimination of TB, by:
    • promoting research and development for new TB drugs, diagnostics and vaccines; and
    • promoting adoption of new and improved tools by ensuring appropriate use, access and affordability.
I take this opportunity to present few other international organizations helping out in this process. I cannot enumerate numerous local organizations striving hard for a healthy India and which are mostly ignored. I repeat a thyagaraja's saying here which is very much contextual.
endarO mahAnubhavulu |

andarIki vandanamulu ||

Click on the Banner for the website

Description: Dr Siddiqui (centre), DOTS provider and General Physician outside his clinic in Sahaspur Village.

Credits: � August 2004 Gary Hampton / The Global Fund

Click on the Title for the full article.

This is for people who are familiar with the health field and especially with MMWR in USA. Did you ever expect an article like this in MMWR? Please go through it by clicking on the picture above and know some facts. Your contribution would be invaluable.

Ever wondered how I got in touch with this organization?? I saw this video first.

Again Rehman was the inspiration. Someone can evoke lots of potential in us making our slumbering souls to erupt.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Golden Days!!! does that mean Good Olden Days?!!!

Bommarillu Perantam!! Woowww!!! Just The Idea Feels Great Now! Who is doing it nowadays(Ofcourse, My buddi does)!!!??? I still remember eating upma made in our bommarillu in our Peradu(Court yard - Translation for our english friends ;)) The standing are Arunakka, Anaghakka and Subhadrakka.
My Sis and Me.

Ee gaali....! ee nela...! ee ooru...! selayeru.......!!!!

Annakka(The New York Freak;) taking a break at our place.

It's MY Village